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Unnab Ber - Sukhey Ber - Jujube - Desi Ber - Chinese Date - Zizyphus vulgaris

The fruit is consumed and used to create medicines. Benefits of Unnab Ber: Sukhey ber is used as a sedative, to improve muscle size and strength, to avoid stress ulcers, liver and bladder disorders, and to improve weight. Additionally, it helps to relieve the side effects of several drugs including constipation.

Promotes Digestion

Ber fruits are an excellent source of energy that helps to stimulate metabolism and keeps you active throughout the day because they are packed with dietary fiber and carbohydrates. Jujube has a significant amount of fiber, which softens and gives stool bulk, helping to regulate bowel motions and alleviate constipation. Jujube juice may also help to strengthen the lining of the gastrointestinal tract, lower the risk of injury and harmful bacteria living in the stomach, and provide relief from all other stomach problems.

Augments Heart Health

One of the greatest fruits, jujubes include nutrients that are good for the heart and are proven to improve cardiac performance. It relaxes the blood vessels and aids in blood pressure control because it contains a significant amount of potassium and little sodium. Additionally, this fruit functions as a strong anti-atherogenic agent that prevents fat from building up in the arteries. Fruit is also rich in dietary fiber, which helps to maintain a healthy lipid profile and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Fights Stress And Anxiety

Ber fruit has been shown to offer calming effects on the brain and nervous system, so if you're feeling anxious or melancholy, grab a handful of it as a snack. Traditional medicine highly valued it as a natural treatment for the signs of stress, anxiety, and sadness. Additionally, the calming qualities of jujube fruit are believed to maintain cortisol hormone balance and keep the body and mind at a relaxed state.

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Unnaab, Kul, Kula, Da T’sao, Hong zao, Jujube Fruit, Chinese date, Jujubier de china, Jujube, Brustbeere, Chinesische Dattel, Rote Datte, Tintendattel, Ber , Baer, Ber, Beri, Bogari, Barhannu, Breye, Zizyphus vulgaris Lamk, Bori, Bor , Kunar, Selanah, Ber, Rajbadar, Badara, Badari, Kola, Koli, Unnab Bore, Jojoba

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