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Sugandh bala - Tagar - Mushk bala - Valerian Root - Valeriana wallichi

Form: Raw Herb

Other Names: 

Asaaroon, Asaroon, Tagar Paduka, Asaroon, Mushkbala, Shumeo, Indian Valerian, Valériane lndienne, Indischer Baldrian, Tagar Ganthoda,  Tagar, Sugandh Bala, Mushkbala, Bala Tagra, Mandibattal, Mandyavanthu, Mandibattalu, Tagar, Bala, Mushkbala, Chhalgudi, Valeriana wallichii DC, Tagar Ganthoda, Tagarmool, Shanadar, Muskwali, Balmudak, Tagara, Tagaraka, Nata, Chakra, Asaroon


1. Fatigue

Bala can help you deal with weariness in daily life. A state of being fatigued is characterized by a sense of weakness or lack of energy. In Ayurveda, exhaustion is referred to as klama, and the main dosha that is out of balance in cases of fatigue is kapha. Bala's Balya (strength provider) and Tridosha (balancing) properties aid in reducing the signs and symptoms of weariness.

2. Erectile dysfunction

Men who experience sexual dysfunction may experience a loss of libido, or a lack of desire for sexual activity. Additionally, a short erection period or the rapid release of semen following sexual activity are possible. Premature ejaculation or early discharge are some names for this. By reducing the signs of sexual weakness including erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation, bala aids maintain a healthy sexual life.This is because of its aphrodisiac (Vajikarna) quality.

3. Inflammation of the airways (bronchitis)

Bala aids in the management of the signs and symptoms of respiratory conditions like bronchitis. This is so because Vata and Kapha are the primary Doshas implicated in respiratory issues. In the lungs, the vitiated Vata and disordered Kapha dosha combine to impede the breathing path. Bronchitis results from this. Bala helps to clear the obstruction in the respiratory passage and balance Vata-Kapha. Because of its Rasayana (rejuvenating) function, it also aids in boosting immunity.

4. Influenza (flu)

Bala aids in the reduction of flu symptoms. Flu or influenza is referred to as Vata Shleshmika Jwara in Ayurveda. The flu is a viral upper respiratory tract infection. Ayurveda claims that Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas are disrupted by seasonal changes, which causes the flu. Bala's balancing of the Tridosha and Rasayana (rejuvenating) qualities help it combat seasonal changes and lessen flu symptoms.

5. Headache

Bala is effective in treating headaches, particularly those that begin in the temples and move to the center of the head. This results from imbalances in the stomach and intestines caused by the pitta dosha, including indigestion, heartburn, hyperacidity, and anger or irritability. This headache is classified as a Pitta headache in Ayurveda. Bala eases headaches and assists in removing Pitta-aggravating elements. Its Sita (cold) potency is the reason for this.

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