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Kala Jeera - Shahi Jira - Black Cumin Seeds

Form: Dried Raw Herb- Seed

Other Names: Cumin noir, Himali jira, Kala jeera, Kala jira, Kashmiri jira, Shahi jira, Shahajira, Kashmir zireh, Koshur zur, Kalazira, Shah zira

About black jeera:

The antioxidant vitamins and minerals A, C, and K, as well as phosphorus, iron, and potassium, are all abundant in kala jeera. Positive effects are seen in memory, glycemic regulation, cardiovascular wellness, cholesterol reduction, and mental clarity. In addition to easing them, it also aids in the relief of headaches and arthritic pain. It contains the phytosterols that burn fat and are essential for lowering body fat.

The black cumin plant's seeds have several uses and are frequently used due to their many benefits. This spark of civilization originated in Egypt. Water is applied to them once they have grown in order to extract them from the pod. Because of this, black cumin seeds are a widely used and incredibly intriguing flavor. Black cumin seed can be used to treat all types of colds. When consumed with black cumin, medications are more readily absorbed by the body. When taken with honey and hot water, this supplement may help dissolve kidney and prostate stones. It has diuretic qualities and aids in urination stimulation.

Nutritional value of black jeera:

The nutrients iron, salt, calcium, potassium, crude fiber, and amino acids are all abundant in black jeera. A, B, B12, niacin, and several other vitamins are all abundant in black jeera. Because it contains beneficial nutrients including omega-3 fatty acids and minerals, black jeera oil is superior to other oils in terms of health benefits. Approximately 17% of the macronutrients were protein, 26% were carbohydrates, and 57% were vegetable oils and fats.

Health benefits of black jeera:

Boosts memory: Black jeera has been demonstrated to enhance cognitive performance when mixed with honey. Take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for the best possible cognitive performance. This is a fantastic strategy for those who are approaching retirement age to improve their hazy recollections. According to Ayurveda, mixing black jeera with mint leaves helps boost memory and ward off neurological conditions like Alzheimer's.

1.Assists in preventing and managing diabetes: For people with type 2 diabetes, black jeera is essential for controlling blood sugar levels. Why do people develop type 2 diabetes? Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition that interferes with your body's regular blood sugar regulation. For people with diabetes, drinking black tea with black jeera oil on an empty stomach is useful.

2.A strong heartThere are significant cardiac benefits from black jeera. Lowering "bad" cholesterol helps the body's healthy levels stay stable, which in turn safeguards the heart.

3. Lessens Inflammation: Black jeera seeds are effective in treating many different types of chronic inflammation due to their anti-inflammatory properties. It is well known for easing joint pain due to its lubricating properties on the joints. Ayurveda suggests that regularly using Black jeera oil may assist to lessen inflammation.

4. Fortifies teeth: Black jeera helps your gums, teeth, and even breath by enhancing the overall health of your mouth. Black jeera is a fantastic remedy if you have a toothache.

5. Hair and Skin Disorders: It is made easier to maintain healthy skin and hair. For skin that glows, combine its oil with lime juice. Black jeera can help you avoid hair loss and strengthen your hair because it is packed with nutrients that encourage hair growth.

6. Encourage weight loss: Thanks to Black jeera, your metabolism will increase, which will cause your body to respond by burning off extra pounds. Scientists have discovered that combining Black jeera seeds with hot water will increase metabolism and help you lose weight.

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