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Revan Chini Roots Powder - Rhubarb Roots - Rheum emodi

Form: Raw Herb - Powder

Other Names: 

Raawand, Raawand Seenee, Revanchini, Rheuchini, Indian Rhubarb, Rhubarb de l’Inde, Emodi-Rhabarber, Ladakirevandchini, Rewandchini, Revandchini, Rewanchini, Revalchini, Rheum emodi Wall, Ladakirevandchini, Rewand, Bekhe Rewas, Revandchini, Amlavetasa, Rewandchini

The medicinal herb Revan Chini Root Powder, also known as Indian Rhubarb, can be found in the Himalayas at high altitudes from Kashmir to Sikkim. It has rhizomes roots and is a perennial plant. Amlavetasa is the Ayurvedic name for Indian rhubarb. Plant roots are dug up and dried for use in traditional medicine.

To manufacture rhubarb roots powder, which is used in small dosages, the dry roots are pulverized. Mild purgation is primarily how it works. However, it also possesses astringent qualities. Therefore, its secondary function is to stop the bowels.

A robust plant called Revan Chini Root Powder can be found in the Himalayan region. It is between 1.5 and 3.0 meters tall and is a perennial herb with leaves. Large radical leaves cover it. The edible leaves are consumed as vegetable. Purple, ovoid-oblong, 13 mm long fruits are produced by rhubarb roots powder. The primary portions used as medicine are the roots and rhizomes. In October and November, they are collected.

Emodin, emodin-3-monomethyl ether, chrysophanol, aloe-emodin, and rhein are all present. They can be found free or as anthrone, quinone, or dianthroneglycosides. In addition, Revan Chini Root Powder has calcium oxalate, volatile oil, cinnamic and rheinolic acids, and starch. Sennoside A and B, two of the main glycosides' active components, are found, along with free anthraquinones. Additionally, it contains calcium oxalate and rhein acids.

Revan Chini Root Powder Benefits

It is used to treat dyspepsia, dysmenorrhea, constipation, diarrhea, dysentery, and impaired digestion. Urinary retention, liver problems, cirrhosis, hepatitis, hepatomegaly, and jaundice. Additionally, it is used for alcoholic dependence, anorexia, bronchitis, asthma, coryza, and catarrh. teeth brushing and curing gingivitis.

Rheum emodi, also called Himalayan rhubarb. The Indian Ayurvedic medical system uses it as a therapeutic herb. It belongs to the Polygonaceae family. The plant can be found in the 4000 meter-high sub-alpine and alpine Himalayas. Hindi: Revan chini; Gujarati: Gamnirevanchini; Sanskrit: Amlaparni, Revatchini; Bengali: Rheuchini, Banglarevanchini.

Due to its cathartic, purgative, and laxative actions in a dose-dependent manner, rhubarb is used in the treatment of constipation. Laxatives are gentler and cause evacuation from the stools. Purgative is more potent powerful laxative and cathartic effects. and results in liquid-based stools. Senna leaves are stronger than Revan Chini Root Powder.

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