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Resha Khatmi Jadd - Marshmallow Roots - Marshmellow Root - Althaea Officinalis

Form: Raw Herb

Other Names: 

Khitmee, Marshmallow, Sweet Weed, Mallards, Mortification Root, Wymotes, Guimauve, Eibisch, Heilwurz, Ibischwurz, Sammetpappel, Khatmi, Althaea officinalis Linn, Khatmi, Tukhme Khatmi, Raisha Khatmi (Roots),, Gulkairo, Khatmi , Tukhme Khatmi

1. Relieving coughs

The ingredient marshmallow root is found in some herbal and natural cough syrups and drops. By coating the esophagus, the mucilage may have a calming effect. The findings of numerous short trials have revealed that marshmallow root-based herbal cough treatments may have this effect. A dry cough can be treated with marshmallow root lozenges or syrup, according to one study. According to a different study, kids who took a herbal remedy containing marshmallow and other herbs like chamomile and common mallow experienced less coughing and fewer nightly awakenings than kids who took a placebo. However, as marshmallow root was not the only plant examined in this study, other herbs in the mixture might also have had therapeutic effects.

According to the findings of a third small trial, children who received a herbal mixture containing marshmallow root and other therapeutic herbs experienced fewer and shorter-lasting respiratory illnesses. Before administering any herbal therapies to a kid, parents and other caregivers should consult a doctor.

2. Improving dry mouth

The medical world refers to chronic dry mouth as xerostomia, and it can raise the risk of oral infections, gum disease, and cavities. A lack of saliva in the mouth is typically the cause of dry mouth. Its various reasons include antihistamines, blood pressure drugs, neurological issues, and autoimmune illnesses. According to the authors of one study, marshmallow root may be helpful for those who have hyposalivation, or low levels of saliva. Although the herbal medicine was not more successful than the other two treatments in the trial, which were both over-the-counter dry mouth remedies, it did help with the symptoms of dry mouth. People can use marshmallow root lozenges to alleviate dry mouth. Allowing the lozenge to gradually melt in the tongue and avoidingeating it up. As an alternative, people can prepare 2 to 3 cups of herbal tea each day by using dried herb or marshmallow root tea bags in a tea strainer. 

3. Protecting against ulcers

Post to PinterestThe possibility of stomach ulcers is diminished by the marshmallow plant. According to a 2015 study, marshmallow flower extract may be able to prevent stomach ulcers in the gut. Researchers gave rats the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to cause ulcers in order to examine the extract's effects on the rodents. Rats given marshmallow root extract had a lower risk of getting stomach ulcers than rats who did not. These findings lead the authors to hypothesize that the mucilage and flavonoids in the marshmallow plant may cover and shield the mucous lining of the stomach, thus lowering the incidence of some ulcers, especially those related to NSAID use.

4. Soothing skin irritation

Inflammation and irritation of the skin may be treated with marshmallow root. Its topical treatment may aid with dermatitis and damage from UV rays or sun exposure, according to a review research. Although marshmallow root may help mend sun-damaged skin, it shouldn't be used as a substitute for appropriate sun protection. Sunlight's UV rays can speed up the aging process of the skin and are one of the main causes of skin infection.

5. Healing wounds

Extracts from the marshmallow plant's calming effect may hasten the healing of wounds. In contrast to controls, marshmallow extract applied topically accelerated the healing of wounds in a rat research. The extract proved successful in killing particular strains of bacteria, according to the same study, which may help shield against infection.

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