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Ratanjot Root - Ratanjyot Jadd - Jatropha Curcas

Form: Raw Herb

Other Names: 

Shanjar, Khas al-himaar, Ratanjot, Alkanet, Dyer’s Bugloss, Spanish Bugloss, Buglosse azure, Natternkopf-Lotwurz, Ratanjot, Laljari, Yatilung, Yarilung, Onosma echioides Linn, Shankaru, Laljari, Koame, Maharanga, Ratanjot , Maharanga, Dhamani, Ratanjot

Ratanjot, also known as "Alkanet Root," is an Indian spice that is used to flavor and naturally color meals, such as tandoori chicken. While Ratanjot oil is frequently used as hair oil, Ratanjot roots are used to cure wounds, fever, and other ailments.

An Ayurvedic herb called ratanjot can be found in the hills of North India and the Mediterranean region. In English, it is referred to as a "Physic nut," while in Latin, it is named "Alkanna tinctoria."

The most popular name for ratanjot is "Alkanet," and it's fantastic for your skin and hair. In India, it is employed as a natural dye as well as a home cure. In order to give meals like "Rogan Josh" a natural color, the plant's root is frequently employed.

About Ratanjot:

The herb ratanjot belongs to the genus Alkanna and is in the family Boraginaceae. The plant features blue flowers and dark reddish-black roots. The most beneficial component of the plant is its roots. Since the Stone Age, ratanjot has been used as a natural dye. When dried, alkanet roots almost have no taste or smell, which makes them a fantastic dye. Fresh alkanet roots have a moderate scent and a bitter, astringent flavor. Water does not cause the root's colour to come out, but alcohol and oil do.

Indian cuisine has always used Ratan Jot to impart color. The natural food coloring that was used to produce the popular Kashmiri meal Rogan Josh gives it its red color.

With the aid of a dried plant known as Ratan Jot, Kashmiri Pandits give their cuisine a pleasing crimson hue. Indian cuisines like Rogan Josh and Tandoori Chicken, which are both very well-liked, were the first to incorporate this spice. This herb isn't used as frequently as it formerly was because of artificial food coloring. Ratan Jot gives many Kashmiri and Punjabi meals their attractive looks, along with Kashmiri chillies, which appear to be on fire but don't taste spicy.
Alcohol, ether, and oils dissolve the alkanet plant's root, while water does not. In order to achieve the best flavor, use ghee instead of the recommended two to three tablespoons of heated oil to cook around a teaspoon of Ratanjot. When the liquid's color deepens to crimson,To remove the Ratanjot and preserve the oil, pour the mixture through a metal sieve. Your curries won't be particularly hot, but this oil or ghee will give them the appearance of actual flames.

Health Benefits of Ratanjot:

Ratanjot for Skin

Alkanet root, also known as ratanjot, can be used to clear and cure the skin as well as assist in reducing inflammation. Ratanjot helps to repair burn scars and prevents skin from becoming irritated or infected. Because it contains natural anti-inflammatory and cooling characteristics that wick heat away from the skin, it is frequently used in face masks and other skin care products to aid in the healing of burn scars. One of the key ways Ratanjot supports skin is in this way.

Ratanjot for Sleeping Disorders

Experts in traditional medicine claim that alkanet root-derived essential Ratanjot oil helps treat insomnia and other sleep-related issues. According to experts, applying Ratanjot oil to your head and the area around your nose can promote relaxation and calmness, which will improve the quality of your sleep.

Ratanjot for headaches and fever

Ratanjot is effective at relieving headaches and fever. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components in ratanjot give the body a cooling, tranquil feeling that aids in the healing process. When you have a fever, it can assist lower your body temperature by making you sweat. 

Ratanjot for Hair

Ratanjot benefits hair in a variety of ways. Your hair can be naturally colored using Ratanjot or Alkanet. Your hair will regrow and become stronger overall as a result. Ratanjot powder can be used to conceal gray hair because it restores the natural color of hair. Numerous hair issues, including significant hair loss, gray hair, and baldness, might be helped by ratanjot oil derived from the roots.

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