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Ragi Powder - Finger Millet Powder - Raagi - Mandwa - Madua - Eleusine coracana

Form: Dried Raw Herb

Other Names: Eleusine Coracana, Finger Millet, Maruba Dhan, Madua, Marua, Bhav, Madua, Ragi, Naanchani, Nasne, Nachne, Moothari, Nachni, Mandia, Mandal, Mandhul, Mundal, Madhulika, Mattakam, Nrityakundala, Kezhvaragu, Keppai, Ragulu, Tamidalu

The popularity of wheat and rice led to the loss of the great component ragi.

One of the long-forgotten ancient millets is quietly making a comeback as the newest DESI SUPERFOOD.

In regional tongues, ragi goes by various names. The name "finger millet" is known by many different names in India, including "Ragi" (Kannada, Hindi, and Telugu), "Mandua/ Mangal" (Hindi), "Kodra" (Himachal Pradesh), "Mandia" (Oriya), and "Taidalu" (Telangana).

Health Benefits of Ragi

1. Rich in protein

An good vegan source of protein is ragi. Ragi has 13g of protein per 100g. 

2. Rich in Calcium

Ragi provides 49% of the daily calcium requirements of our body in just 100 grams. Ragi includes phosphorus in addition to calcium, which works with calcium to strengthen your bones and teeth.
Consuming ragi regularly lowers the risk of fracture and prevents osteoporosis. Additionally, ragi aids in anaemia recovery.

3. Rich in Iron

Natural iron can be found in abundance in ragi. Foods made from ragi are excellent for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and the elderly since they are high in calcium and iron.

4. Rich in Antioxidants

Ragi is a rich source of antioxidants, which support your body's defenses against free radicals and delay the aging process.

5. Good for Diabetics

Magnesium is abundant in ragi. Magnesium helps to maintain blood sugar levels by reducing our body's insulin resistance.

6. Gluten free

Ragi is a great choice for those who have celiac disease or gluten sensitive enteropathy because it is gluten free. Additionally, it is a grain that is frequently ingested by people who are health-conscious or exercise religiously.

7. Great for Digestion

Both soluble and insoluble fiber are abundant in ragi. This fiber aids in keeping us fuller for longer periods of time and eases constipation.

8. Ragi helps in relaxing the body naturally

Conditions including high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, migraines, liver diseases, asthma, and weak hearts can all benefit from it.

9. An excellent weaning food

Ragi is regarded as a superior weaning food because to its high nutritional value. Infants are fed this porridge for the first time.

10. Good for hair

Ragi aids in hair growth prevention. Ragi is also known to stop hair from going gray before it's time. This is typically brought on by tissue oxidation, and the antioxidants included in

Ragi will successfully stop tissue damage, lowering the likelihood of gray hair. 


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