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Piplamool - Ganthoda - Pipal Mul - Pipla Mool - Pipalmool - Piplamul

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Other Name:-

Piper longum, Long Pepper, Pipal, Pipli, Lendi Peepar, Dantakapha, Gonamika, Granthika, Granthikam, Kagophale, Kanamula, Pipoli, Pimpli, Piplee, Videhee, Modi, Argadi

Pippali is a crucial herb used in a number of Ayurvedic treatments. Pippali's roots and fruits are utilized as a source of medicine. The fruits of this plant have a strong flavor and a slightly yellow to orange tint.
Pippali is a powerful natural treatment for colds and coughs. Because Pippali powder has expectorant properties, taking it with honey after lunch and dinner helps the patient breathe more readily by releasing mucus from the airways. Additionally, by enhancing the body's metabolism, its ingestion may aid in the promotion of weight loss. Due to its laxative qualities, Pippali powder may help manage constipation by encouraging bowel movements.
Pippali might be useful for treating toothaches as well. applying a honey and pippali powder paste due to its Kapha-balancing properties, on the gums and teeth relieves pain and inflammation in the teeth.
Due to its heated potency, Pippali ingestion occasionally causes heartburn and acidity. Therefore, if you have stomach ulcers, it is generally advised to speak with your doctor before using Pippali.


Piplamool for Asthma

Pippali provides comfort in cases of breathlessness and aids in controlling the symptoms of asthma. The primary doshas associated in asthma, according to Ayurveda, are Vata and Kapha. In the lungs, the 'Vata' is vitiated and the 'Kapha dosha' is out of balance, obstructing the respiratory tract. Breathing becomes difficult as a result. Asthma is the medical term for this condition, Swas Roga. Due to its decongestant, bronchodilator, and expectorant properties, pippali is highly beneficial for asthma. This is as a result of its ability to balance Kapha.

Piplamool for Inflammation of the airways (bronchitis)

If you have bronchitis or other cough-related issues, pippali is a good choice. This illness, called as Kasroga in Ayurveda, is brought on by impaired digestion. Ama (toxic leftovers in the body as a result of faulty digestion) forms as mucus in the lungs as a result of poor food and insufficient waste removal. Bronchitis results from this. Deepan (appetizer) and Pachan (digestive) characteristics are present in pippali. It eases Ama and helps the lungs clear up extra mucus, which relieves bronchitis symptoms.

Piplamool for Diarrhea

In Ayurveda, diarrhea is referred to as Atisar. Inappropriate diet, tainted water, pollutants, mental stress, and Agnimandya (weak digestive fire) are to blame. These things collectively cause Vata to become aggravated. This increased Vata causes fluid from various body tissues to enter the intestine and mingle with the feces. This results in diarrhea or loose, watery bowel movements. Because pippali powder balances vata, it aids in the treatment of diarrhea. Due to its Deepan (appetizer) property, which helps to regulate irregular motion frequency, it also strengthens the digestive fire.

Piplamool for Cough

Pippali is a herb that works well for treating colds and coughs. Pippali regulates cough, clears airways, and releases mucus, allowing the patient to breathe normally. This is because Pippali's Kapha-balancing qualities have decongestant, bronchodilator, and expectorant actions. Pippali works well for coughs and colds when combined with honey. Due to its Rasayana (rejuvenating) character, pippali has a rejuvenating impact on the lungs as well.

Piplamool for Fever

Pippali may aid in symptom relief for fever. Depending on the dosha involved, there are various types of fever, according to Ayurveda. A fever typically denotes an overabundance of Ama due to insufficient digestive fire. Due to its Deepan (appetizer) and Pachan (digestive) characteristics, taking Pippali with honey aids in reducing Ama. Additionally, pippali raises immunity. Due to its Rasayana (rejuvenating) function, this aids in the prevention of infection and the reduction of fever.

Piplamool for Flatulence (gas formation)

Gas or flatulence-related stomach aches can be treated with pippali. An imbalance of Vata and Pitta dosha results in gas or flatulence. Low digestive fire is caused by low Pitta dosha and increased Vata dosha, which makes digestion difficult. Gas builds up as a result of poor digestion, which also hurts the stomach. Because Pippali powder has an Anuushna (moderate hot) potency, taking it aids in regulating digestive fire. This avoids gas production and hence, stomach pain.

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