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Pipal Badi Powder - Pipli - Pippali - Chavya - Long Pepper - Thippli - Peepri - Pipili

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Among the tropical and subtropical regions of the world where long pepper is grown include the Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, and the Americas. Due to its commercial and economic importance, it is believed that Roman emperors cherished it even more than black pepper.

Pippali, commonly known as long pepper, is a distinctive aromatic herb that has been around for aeons due to its vast medical properties. The traditional plant, whose scientific name is Piper longum, is a member of the Piperaceae family. The holistically minded science of ayurveda classifies this plant as a potent herb for rejuvenation. It is commonly employed to treat diabetes, asthma, indigestion, cough, and colds in addition to having powerful anti-aging and aphrodisiac effects on the body.

Many parts of India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Sri Lanka are home to long peppers as their native species. In addition to "Pipli" in Hindi, "Tippili" in Tamil, "Pippalu" in Telugu, "Tippali" in Malaylam, and "Pipul" in Bengali, they go by these names. At an elevation of 1800 metres, it is mostly found in India in the drier sections of the Khasi and Mikir hills, in the central Himalayas to

Assam, in the lower hilly regions of Bengal, and in the evergreen forests of the Western Ghats from Konkan to Kerala.

Other Names: Pepar, Peppli, Piple, Pimpali, Tippali, Piper Retrofractum

Long, ridged, conical fruits with thin walls are frequently produced by the exotic climbing perennial plant known as pippali. The therapeutic benefits come from the pippali plant's dry fruits, not any other herb.

Health Benefits Of Pipal

Manages Diabetes
The superb hypoglycaemic properties of pippali result in a large reduction of blood sugar levels in the body. Pippali churna causes the beta-pancreatic cells to start producing insulin. It helps prevent carbohydrate from being converted to glucose, which lowers blood sugar levels.

Aids In Weight Loss
The body is thoroughly detoxified by removing harmful pollutants from this pungent spice, which is acclaimed for its all-natural fat-burning qualities. It also lowers unexpected hunger pangs and a craving for bad foods. By improving digestion and reducing the body's accumulation of bad cholesterol, it speeds up metabolism and aids in weight loss.

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