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Semal Phool - Simbal Phool - Semel Phool - Simbal Flower - Bombax Malabaricum

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Simbal trees can be found all the way up to a height of 1300 metres above sea level in the Western Himalayas. Fields, village common lands, roadside verges, and forests all have them growing there.Simbal trees are known for growing singly, never in clusters. This is one of its distinguishing characteristics.

A tall deciduous tree with wide spreading branches and a straight buttressed trunk; the bark is grey and coated with firm, pointed conical prickles.Large leaves with 3–7 whole leaflets that are 7.5–18 cm long, glabrous, penninerved, and reticulately veined, as well as petioles that are 20 cm long.

Many flowers that develop before the new leaves; broad calyx, vivid crimson tomentose corolla, and elliptic, oblong petals with closely spaced parallel veins; Ovary conical, glabrous, and with more than 60 stamens grouped in five bundles. Style slightly longer than filaments.


In several regions of India, semal flowers, often referred to as simbal flowers, are used to treat a variety of illnesses. They are commonly utilised by locals in the areas and are thought to have medicinal qualities.

How Does Simbal Flower Help Me?

The most popular uses of simbal flower are for the treatment of diarrhoea and leucorrhea. Because it has anti-bacterial characteristics that can help destroy dangerous bacteria that cause these disorders, it benefits those who have these ailments.

By doing this, it stops them from penetrating deeper into your body, where they may result in food poisoning or even death if left untreated. Simbal flower has laxative qualities that help move things through your intestines easily, therefore it also treats constipation!


The dried flowers are cooked and infused with sugar, poppy seeds, goat milk, and other ingredients. In cases of haemorrhoids, two drachms of the conserve should be administered three times per day. This is a very successful remedy for this condition.

For the treatment of snakebite and scorpion sting, the blossoms and fruit are suggested in conjunction with other medications. The spines are used to cure hakhnaal (), which are pimples that form on the eyelids.

The spines are ground into a paste on a stone resembling a touchstone, together with one or two drops of water, and the paste is then applied on pimples.The zits disappear within a day or two.It truly is a very powerful remedy for this condition.

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