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Moringa Leaves - Moringa Leaf - Sehjan Patta - Drumstick Leaves

Moringa oleifera is also known as the horseradish tree, the miracle tree, and the drumstick tree. Moringa has been used for millennia because to its numerous medical and health benefits. It also has antifungal, antiviral, antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

What are the benefits:

Moringa is thought to have a variety of health and cosmetic benefits, as well as the ability to help prevent and treat illnesses. Moringa has the following benefits:

Skin and hair protection and nourishment
Moringa seed oil shields hair from free radicals and keeps it clean and healthy. Moringa also contains protein, which helps to protect skin cells from damage. It also possesses skin and hair-beneficial moisturising and purifying effects.It has the capacity to heal wounds and skin problems.

Edema treatment
Edoema is a painful condition in which fluid accumulates in certain bodily parts. Moringa's anti-inflammatory properties may aid in the prevention of edoema.

Protecting the liver
Moringa appears to protect the liver from the effects of anti-tubercular medications and may hasten the healing process.Cancer therapy and prevention.Moringa extracts have properties that may aid in cancer prevention. It also contains niazimicin, a substance that prevents cancer cell proliferation.

Treating stomach aches
Moringa extracts may help with gastrointestinal ailments such as constipation, gastritis, and ulcerative colitis. Moringa's antibiotic and antibacterial properties may aid in the suppression of certain infections, and its high vitamin B content promotes digestion.

Combating bacterial infections
Because of its antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties, Moringa extracts may be used to treat infections caused by Salmonella, Rhizopus, and E. coli.

Bone health improvement
Moringa also includes calcium and phosphorus, which help to maintain bone health and strength. Moringa extract, in addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, may aid in the treatment of ailments such as arthritis and may also aid in the healing of fractured bones.

Diabetes management
Moringa lowers blood glucose levels as well as the amount of sugar and protein in the urine. Individuals that were evaluated had higher haemoglobin levels and total protein content as a result of this.

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