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Gond Chuniya - Kamarkas - Kamar Kas - Palash Gond - Gond Dhak - Butea Monusperma

A treatment for back pain and weakness used by women during pregnancy and after birth is kamarkas, which is found in the plant Gond Chunia - Butea Frondosa. Women in India utilize the plant kamarkas to combat physical aches, weakness, and stiff muscles. Provides relief from summertime discomfort and the heat.

Antioxidant qualities of kamarkas heal and prevent a variety of digestive system issues, including constipation, diarrhea, ulcers, stomach, TB, hemorrhoids, and the elimination of worms in children.

Key Benefits:

  • The supplement helps you manage your frequent urination by enhancing your bladder health, and because it acts as an external astrigent, it may also be good for your skin.
  • The powder may improve a normal menstrual cycle.
  • By minimizing weakness, it helps with maintaining physical health and vitality.

Benefits Of Kamarkas:

As their name suggests, kamarkas have characteristics that strengthen the body and waist. Kamarkas exhibits a wide range of advantages in females who are pregnant or nursing. During menstruation, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, people eat kamarkas in panjeeri and other wholesome snacks to improve their energy. 

Kamarkas Benefits During Pregnancy:

In South Asia, women traditionally utilize kamarkas gond to tone their pelvic muscles during pregnancy. The gond aids in regaining the form of the waist muscles that were lost during vaginal delivery. 

The kamarkas also makes the backbone stronger. To strengthen their bodies so they can handle pregnancy difficulties, women and young girls with sensitive bodies are administered kamarkas gond. 

Kamarkas Benefits After Delivery:

Kamarkas gond is advantageous for ladies during breastfeeding after childbirth. It boosts lactating women' milk output. Therefore, kamarkas gum can help new moms who have a poor milk supply by increasing milk production. 

Kamarkas Benefits For Back Pain:

Kamarkas are a healthy alternative for back pain and joint pain due to their great nutritional value. It helps treat arthritis because it lubricates the body's joints. It directly strengthens bones and wards off numerous bone-related issues. 

Kamarkas For Cough:

Kamarkas is appropriate for dry cough because it has anti-tussive qualities. It was previously used to treat tuberculosis.  

How To Use Kamarkas?

A particular variety of gond (gum) is kamarkas. Karmarkas gond can be consumed with milk, in the form of laddu, pajneeri, or halwa. 

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