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Gandh Prasarni - Gandhprasarni - Paederia Foetida

What is Gandh Prasarni (Paederia Foetida):

We love this herb because it has a special quality that has been utilised for thousands of years in ancient India. It is known as Gandha Prasarini in Sanskrit, which means "it spreads smell."

That's what we like about this herb—it's a refreshing change from the more usual therapeutic properties of its name!

Gandha means "smell" and Paederia foetida means "skunk vine," which accurately defines the plant. It is a twining perennial vine that grows from a woody rootstock. Stems can grow up to 7 m in length, ascending or prostrate, and rooted at nodes. The leaves are oppositely oriented, occasionally in three whorls, and have conspicuous stipules. Leaf stalks can grow to be up to 6 cm long.

The leaves are oval to linear-lanceolate in shape, 2-11 cm long, hairy or smooth, and frequently lobed at the base. The leaves and stems have an unpleasant odour, especially when crushed—especially when crushed!


Gandh Prasarni is a versatile herb with numerous applications. It is often used to treat heart disease, gout, and arthritis, among other things. In addition to these applications, the plant has been shown to be effective in the treatment of abdominal pain and flatulence. This recipe is intended to assist you in using Gandh Prasarni safely and efficiently.

The leaves have a terrible odour. As a result, this recipe should be used with caution. This herb may cause nausea in the patient. To disguise this, add an equal amount of lemon juice to the leaf juice. To extract fresh juice, the leaf is ground into a fine paste and squeezed. This is given at a quantity of 2-3 mL, preferably on an empty stomach.

For joint problems and body aches, equal parts Gandhaprasarini, ginger, and cumin seeds are brewed into a decoction. This is taken internally in doses of 20-30 mL.

This alleviates gastrointestinal pain, flatulence, and recurring complaints of worm infestation, among other things. 4 Muscular discomfort and neuralgia Traditional oil used to treat Vatic problems, including neuralgia and muscle pains: The entire plant is thoroughly crushed, and a fine paste is prepared in 1 part quantity. Preparation of drug deco - consumed in 16 part quantity Sesame oil is mixed in four parts.

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