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Chironji Dana - Almondette Seeds - Dry Fruits

What is Chironji Dana (Almondette Seeds):

Chironji is one of India's most popular nuts. It is also known as char, chironji, chiraunji, piyal, pra-savak, or priyal. It is known as charoli in Marathi and Gujarati. This ingredient's scientific name is 'Buchanania lanzan,' and it is a member of the Anacardiaceae (cashew family).

Chironji is a nutty seed derived from the plant Buchanania lanzan, which has the generic name Buchanania lanzan. This plant, commonly known as the Almondette tree, belongs to the Anacardiaceae family. Although the chironji plant is indigenous to India, it is also grown extensively in Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Laos, and Yunnan.


The Chironji tree is a traditional Ayurvedic medication used to treat a variety of ailments such as diarrhoea, anaemia, wounds, skin problems, hair problems, cough, cold, fever, rheumatic pains, heart weakness, and excessive weight gain.

The entire tree is revered in both Ayurveda and contemporary medicine. Every portion has therapeutic properties that are widely utilised to treat a variety of illnesses. The Chironji Dana has digestive, cooling, and expectorant characteristics, making it effective for treating constipation, flatulence, and seminal weakness, as well as colds, bronchitis, skin illnesses, and burning sensations in the body. The latex or gum exuded by the tree is effective in lax motions, but the seed powder provides strength.


Chironji has various health benefits, including being high in dietary fibre, vitamins A and C, and niacin. It contains a significant quantity of vitamin B2 per serving, making it beneficial for persons who suffer from digestive disorders such as indigestion or diarrhoea as a result of stress or illness.

Chironji is a lovely plant that has been used for ages to heal a variety of diseases. It's thought to be a powerful aphrodisiac and could help with reproductive health. Chironji is thought to promote vitality and sexual vigour and can be a useful treatment for issues such as libido loss. It also exhibits powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and antifungal characteristics, making it particularly useful in avoiding infections such as fever, common cold, sore throat, and other respiratory anomalies.

Because of the abundance of antioxidants present in Chironji juice extracts, it provides multiple traditional cures for strengthening the immune system, combating germs, and protecting the body from various diseases. Chironji leaf juice has a high expectorant function that aids in the relief of nasal congestion and severe colds.

Boosts Immunity

Chironji's vast heart-healthy characteristics play a critical role in treating a variety of heart abnormalities, including angina pectoris. The juice derived from Chironji leaves has a powerful expectorant function that aids in the relief of nasal congestion, severe colds, coughs, and sore throats.

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