Our Commitment

It is a high time to give the control back to you! We aspire for your empowerment so you can take charge of your own fitness and well being. Through our long family history in Ayurveda, we have learned that the key to a healthy life is hidden in the wisdom and chants of ancient Ayurvedic books and scriptures. The more we go in depth of it, the more we’ll be able to dig and share the treasure of health secrets with you.

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Having 14 years experience in Marketing and Business Development, he is the man behind our success and wider out-reach to Indian and International markets. He is a guiding force and great at introducing IndianJadibooti to Innovative ways of marketing.

Rahul Jain
Co-Founder & CEO
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She is a technology freak. She has been instrumental in the adoption of cutting-edge technologies to make holistic health solutions accessible to a wider audience. There is absolutely no digital solution, tool or line of code in IndianJadiBooti that would have escaped her eye.

Preety Jain
Co-Founder & COO
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He is the man behind our procurements and deliveries. Absolutely no herb, Mind It!, no herb can be Procured or delivered to our Esteemed Customers until he checks it, touches it or inspects it.

Alok Jain
Co-Founder & CDO